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LineCard (pdf/printable version)

Coils – Rooftop Units (2-230 Tons) – Condensing Units (2-230 Tons) – Heat Pumps – Air, Water and Geothermal – Evaporative Cooled Rooftop Packages – Heat Recovery Rooftop Packages – Air Cooled Chillers (35-400 Tons) – Boiler / Chiller / Pump Packages – Indoor and Outdoor Air Handling Units

DDC Zone Damper Systems for Packaged Heating and Cooling Equipment

Centrifugal and Prop Fans – Roof and Wall Exhausters – in-Line Duct Fans – Utility Vent Sets – Supply Air Fans

Air Quality Loggers – Computer Software – Currency/Voltage Loggers – Relative Humidity Loggers – Temperature Loggers

Destratification Fans

Vibration Isolators and Specialties – Equipment Inertia Bases

Electric Duct Coils – Electric Unit Heaters – Baseboard Heaters – Wall and Ceiling Heaters – Radiant and Convector Heaters – Leading Edge Commercial Ceiling Fans

Panel Filters – Housings – HEPA Filters – Molecular Filtration – Bag-In-Bag-Out HEPA Filters

Critical Electronic System Facility Heating, Cooling, Humidifying, and Dehumidifying – Data Center, Network, and Computer Room Environmental Conditioning Units

Open Coil Electric Duct Heaters – Over the Blower Heaters – Weatherproof / Outdoor Applications

Chimney Venting – Clothes Dryer Venting – Boiler and Water Heater Venting – Economizer and Heat Exchangers – Draft Control – Chimney and Grease Duct

Outdoor Applications

Horizontal and Vertical Fan Coil Units

Fume Hood & Corrosive Air Fans – Polypropylene Fans

Fabric Duct

Airflow Measurement Products

Terminal Air Boxes – Fan Coils – Chilled Beams – Under Floor Air Distribution – Grilles, Registers, and Diffusers – Specialty Surgery Room Diffuser Systems

Water-Cooled, Modular Chillers – Water-Cooled Condensing Units

Indoor Pool Dehumidification – Natatorium Units – Waterpark Units – Auxiliary Pool Water or Air Heating – Hotel and Motel Pool Dehumidification – Anti-microbial Filter Media

Deep Bed Scrubbers – Odor Removal Filters – Corrosive Air Filtration Units – Corrosive Fume Testing Service – Room Pressurization Units

Electric to Steam – Steam to Steam – Gas to Steam – Live Steam – Tube Assemblies – Accessories

Louvers – Control Dampers – Equipment Screens – Fire / Smoke and Fire Dampers – Energy Recovery Units – Air Measuring Solutions – Acoustical Plenums – Sound Attenuators

KIMAX Glass Drain, Vent, and High Purity Water Systems for Draining High Corrosive Liquids – Knight-Ware Neutralizing Sumps

Round Vent Louvers – Spot Diffusers

Laboratory Fume Hood Exhaust Systems – Tri-Stak Lab Exhaust Fans – Perchloric Acid-Resistant Exhaust Systems – Kitchen and Generator Exhaust Fans

High-Volume, Low-Speed Fans for comfort and air circulation

Air Handling Units – Blower Coils – Tranquility Column Units

Direct and Indirect – Gas Fired Make Up Air Units – Air-Turnover Units

Air Velocity, Temperature, Relative Humidity Meters – Portable Handheld IAQ – Variable Volume Fume Exhaust Hood and Room Pressurization Controls (Laboratory, Hospital, ICU, SICU)